Mabrouk Taiar & Nadjet Ouaret


It is our pleasure to give you our testimonial about getting you as our Realtor.

We attest that before knowing you, buying a house was difficult for us because we did not have enough credit to get a mortgage from any bank. This situation changed totally when we met you to help us to buy a condominium. You helped us find a condo and arranged the mortgage as well.

After that, when the house prices went up, you contacted me in order to help us to buy a house and it was not a bad idea at all. You found us a house we love and helped us sell our condominium in no time and we used the profit as deposit for the new house.

My experience, me and my wife, with you showed us that you are a honest and honourable guy who would like to help, to make it easier for people to get their own house.

Make sure my friend that we will never deal with any other Realtor for any future housing business, but with you.

Mabrouk Taiar & Nadjet Ouaret

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