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The seller's profile is a detailed look at your home which allows David to help you to sell your home quickly and efficiently for the most amount of money!

The information you send to them helps them put together a detailed proposal and plan for selling your home.

Please fill out the form below and press submit your seller profile directly. David or someone on the Team will call you back with any questions.

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Basic Features

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Number of kitchens

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Characteristics - Neighbourhood

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Updates/Renovations/Improvements (include year)

Please include information regarding neighbours (e.g. families with kids, ages)

Any other information you believe pertinent for us to market your home?


Alarm System
Maintenance Fees

Technical Data

Hot Water Tank Owned    Rental    Gas    Electric
Alarm Owned     Rented
Square Footage
Electric Service Breakers    Fuses 
Wiring Copper    Aluminum
Age of Home Years
Fireplace    Working
Date Last Checked
Furnace Owned    Rented
Kind of Furnace
Date Installed
Any time Oil Heated? Yes    No
Buried Oil Tank? Yes    No
Air Conditioning Yes    No
Date Installed
Plumbing Copper    Lead
Improved Water Main from the Street   Yes    No
Year Improved
Roof - Kind
Date Last Reroofed
Type of Parking
Separate Storage Locker Not Ensuite   Yes    No

Chattels to be included in the sale (eg. appliances, window coverings)

Fixtures to be excluded in the sale (eg. alarm, light fixtures)

Necessary Documents

  • Deed
  • Survey
  • Lawyer's reporting letter
  • Keys
  • Pictures - Garden or Home
  • Final Tax Bill Current Year
  • Previous Home Inspection
  • Renovation Permits/Plans
  • Notify Insurance Company

Income Property Section

Do not fill in if it does not apply to your home

Tenant Suite Income

Rent Includes/Excludes - Any Other Relevant Information

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Please prepare copies of leases to give to David.

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