Moving Tips for Calgary Home Sellers

For more information on how to move house in Calgary, please visit the Resources for a Smooth Move section in the Calgary Home Buyer's Guide.

Moving can be a time of upheaval; in most places, moving house is actually considered to be one of life's more traumatic events!  That may have something to do with the action of packing your belongings, parting with certain possessions, and reliving memories as you lay hands on personal items such as photographs that you may not even have thought about for years.   It may also have to do with rebuilding fractured social networks if you are moving from one community to another; finding new health professionals, social circles, schools and jobs can create a lot of pressure.  And just about everyone can relate to the physical adjustment of getting used to a new space.

We are moving by CarbonNYC
We are moving by CarbonNYC

Even if you are moving for the happiest of reasons, it's important to be prepared emotionally as well as physically.  For your convenience when moving after selling your home, here are some tips to make your move an all-around success:

  • Tell children about the move early on, so they have time to prepare and say goodbye to friends if moving far.  Play up the fact that they will be able to stay connected with old friends and neighbours online, and allow them to help with moving decisions wherever possible
  • Email everyone with your new address and your telephone number once you get it, so they can stay in touch
  • Learn about your new community before you move – research schools, shopping, theatres, attractions, libraries, parks, and sports teams.  Find the nearest post office, bank, and hospital so you don't feel like a fish out of water
  • If you belong to a church, club, or professional organization, join a local chapter.  Join a sports class or go online to the city's website to find neighbourhood events and festivals you could volunteer at or attend
  • Take it easy.  Though it may seem like there are a million things on your to-do list and your boxes will never get unpacked, that's not actually true.  Relax and spend some time together as a family once you have moved in to your new place, without the frantic rush to get everything completely set up right away.

Wishing you a smooth and happy transition to your new home – and providing you with the resources you need to get there – we are Calgary Real Estate™.

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