Advertising Your Home or Condominium to Buyers

Why your home will need its own unique campaign

The Calgary real estate market is booming!  While that's great news for property owners who wish to sell their homes, the truth is that buyers are savvier, better informed, and they have better professional representation than ever before.  That means that sellers who have a cutting edge marketing plan at their fingertips are in a better position to accomplish their goals for the sale.  David and his team will carry out a thorough and comprehensive marketing campaign to sell your home that includes leveraging several different methods, with one goal:  putting your house or condo in front of as many qualified buyers as possible.

The Day I Sent 90 Emails by Cara Photography
The Day I Sent 90 Emails by Cara Photography
  • MLS listing with professional pictures and careful attention to all the details of your home
  • Personalized email blasts to all our contacts, including past and present clients, colleagues, real estate professionals and extended network, letting them know that your home is for sale and including a link to the MLS listing plus attractive pictures and description of your property's best features.  This can be sent to your own contacts too
  • Social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Evite, or other similar sites with a photo album of your home and personal invitation to your public open house
  • Flyers dropped around the neighbourhood
  • Open houses for agents and for the general public
  • Follow up by phone and email with open house visitors who have signed the guest register
  • Attractive, professionally designed feature sheets/brochures available for all visitors to the home
  • Your home for sale posted on several highly trafficked classified and home buying websites
  • Floor plans and 360 degree virtual tours
  • For Sale sign on front lawn where applicable
  • Print ads in local newspapers

What's the point of all this exposure?  It's like a retail fashion campaign:  big brand names like GAP don't just rely on TV commercials, they have billboards and storefronts and online coupons, so that whether you like the product or not, they have become a household name.  The more we go where the buyers are looking, the more of them will find your home is for sale.  The interest generated is almost always sufficient to sell your home quickly and for the most money.   If buyers don't seem to be liking the product (your home), we can then proceed with other strategies to get the results you want, eliminating lack of exposure as the problem.

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