Selling Calgary Houses

Are you looking to sell your home in Calgary?  Read our Calgary Home Seller’s Guide to learn how best to market your Calgary home to potential buyers and get the best value out of the sale.

  1. The Calgary Real Estate™ Advantage: Selling with David Tsegai

    Why should you pick David Tsegai to help you sell your current house over other real estate agents in Calgary?  His acumen for trading homes is exceptional in this area and he is always working in your best interest.  Learn how a sale transaction works and what to expect from every stage.

  2. Valuating Your Calgary Home before Sale

    Get the maximum price and the best possible terms from your home sale.  Learn what you may expect from the market and how to determine your home’s saleability.  Why is the house’s value used for tax purposes not a good enough measure?  Understand comparative market analysis and other concepts related to your home sale.

  3. Pricing Your Home for Sale in Calgary

    How may proper pricing contribute to a speedy sale?  What price is best to ask from the buyers so that you retain your upper-hand in the negotiations?  Should you underprice or overprice?  How will Calgary Real Estate™ help you sell fast if you are in a rush?

  4. Selling Income Properties: Sell Now or Wait?

    A sale of an investment property has its specifics.  Most importantly, you are relatively free to choose when and what to sell.  How do you decide that it is the right time to sell your secondary house?  Don’t sell cheap.  Let experienced Calgary Real Estate™ professionals help you with the sale of your investment property and get the best value.

  5. Marketing Homes to Property Investors

    Coversely, you may want to sell your own home to a property investor.  Property investors usually have easier access to funds and are looking for different traits in your house than a young family would.  Learn the best strategies of marketing your house to property investors and take advantage of the booming Calgary economy.

  6. Repairs and Fixes that Bring the Highest Returns

    Repairs and fixes may boost the saleability and price of your home very easily.  Not all repairs, however, will bring you the same bang for your buck.  Learn how to order your repairs according to their potential return on investment and prepare the most appealing home for your buyer.

  7. Home Staging Tips: Creating Ambiance for Viewings

    Presentation is key.  If you own a great house, make sure you show it in a great light.  Point out all of its benefits and tidy it up, so that your visitors—potential buyers—may feel cozy and literally at home.  Read the tips of Calgary Real Estate™ member REALTORS® and impress your visitors.

  8. Advertising Your Home or Condominium to Buyers

    This chapter is a brief overview of many of the techniques that Calgary Real Estate™ member REALTORS® employ in order to get your house out there.  Advertising targets not only individual buyers, but also other real estate agents and professionals.  Learn how an established member REALTOR® makes use of many different advertising channels to be more efficient and effective than any individual home seller.

  9. What Happens When Purchase Offers Come In?

    If your house appeals to buyers, you will soon receive various purchase offers.  Some may offer a price higher than you asked for, but may request plenty of contractual obligations, contingencies or caveats.  Some may offer a lower price but a speedy and sure transaction.  How should you weigh up all the attributes of the incoming offers and pick the one that is best for you?

  10. Closing the Deal: The Closing Checklist for Sellers

    How does a closing day look like?  Which procedures must take place, in which order, and how do you prepare for them?  Learn all about closing, the documents required for a smooth transaction and do not let anything surprise you.

  11. Moving Tips for Calgary Home Sellers

    Moving out of your old home may be a sad occasion, but it is surely a hectic one.  Do not panic though; David Tsegai has the right advice for you that will help you save money, time, and nerves alike.  Moving should be exciting – you are moving into a new and exciting place after all!

  12. Seller Profile Form

    The seller’s profile is a detailed look at your home which allows David to help you to sell your home quickly and efficiently for the most amount of money!

If you are buying a new house at the same time, make sure you visit our Calgary Home Buyer’s Guide as well.

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