New Attainable Homes Available In Calgary

Tuscany dusk by DArcy Norman
Tuscany dusk by D'Arcy Norman

At the end of February, a new homeownership opportunity for middle-income Calgarians appeared. The recently launched Attainable Home Ownership Program is designed to help people who are struggling to buy a house in the city. Now they are finally presented with an affordable option.

Are you curious about the conditions that qualify you for an attainable home? Any person or household interested in the program has to:

  • be employed somewhere in Calgary
  • earn an annual income between $53,000 – $80,400 (calculated per household)
  • be able to qualify for a mortgage and save a minimum downpayment of $2000
  • be willing to participate in an approved home education program
  • not have assets greater than $100,000

The first 93 affordable houses are already available for immediate purchase in Beacon Hills until June 30, 2011. These homes were built by Cidex Developments, the project’s building partner. The program’s initial goal is to develop a total amount of 1000 quality entry-level homes for hundreds of Calgary’s citizens.

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