Canadian Mortgage Isolator Calculator

This Mortgage Isolator Calculator helps you calculate how to pay off your mortgage more quickly.

How to Use The Mortgage Isolator

  1. First fill any three of the first four items.
  2. When you edit items 5, 6, or 7 you will be see the results will change
  3. Try
    • different payment intervals
    • making an extra payment
    • increasing your payments
    • making a lump sum payment

Calculate the effects of prepaying by completing the boxes below*

1. Mortgage Amount ($)
2. Interest Rate (%)
3. Initial Amortization Period Year(s)
4. Initial Mortgage Payment ($)
5. Payment Frequency
6. Lump Sum Payment
(Annually in $)
Period: Year(s)
7. Mortgage Payment Increase
Period: Year(s)

*Note that if you fill in any three of the four first four values the calculator will automatically
calculate the fourth when you press the compute button beside that value.


By making prepayments, the amount of time it will take to pay off your mortgage has been reduced to Year(s) and Month(s).
This also represents a savings of $ in interest.

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