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Calgary Property Tax FAQ

1. What is property tax?

Every homeowner in Canada is obliged to pay property tax. This tax has two parts – municipal property tax, which is important source of revenue for the local municipality, and provincial property tax, which mainly serves as a funding source for education in the province.

2. How much do I have to pay?

Your tax is calculated by multiplying the assessed value of your property and the total tax rate (which includes both municipal and provincial tax rates). The overall tax amount is every year different. Our Property Tax Calculator helps you to make a picture about your potential tax liabilities in various municipalities in greater Calgary.

3. What it property assessment?

Property assessment is an administrative process, when your property value is estimated. Alberta uses Ad valorem (according to value) approach.It means the assessed value of your property should be as close as possible to its actual market value. It is done by designated assessors. In case of residential properties, mass assessment is usually done, however, assessor may decide for an inspection of an individual property.The valuation day is July 1. You will always receive assessment notice with the assessed value of your property.

4. I do not agree with the assessed value. What should I do?

The Municipal Government Act has set out a complaints and appeals system for property owners who have concerns about their assessment. First you should contact your assessor via municipality’s office (you can find the phone number on your assessment notice). The assessor may request personal inspection of your property. If you still disagree, you can fill a complaint with Local Assessment Review Board.

5. Can I appeal the property tax?

No. You can appeal only the value assessment.

6. How can I pay the tax?

There is a broad selection of options:

  • Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)
  • Banks and financial institutions – by ATM, in person, internet, phone, or through your mortgage company
  • In person at The City Cashiers on the third floor of the Calgary Municipal Building, 800 Macleod Trail S.E., between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.
  • Courier – between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, at the Customer Service Centre, third floor, Calgary Municipal Building only.
  • 24-hour deposit box located outside the Municipal Building at 801 3 St. S.E., street level east side.
  • Mail – the cheque must be dated June 30
  • Post-dated cheques

Credit card payments are not available. Be aware, that post disruptions are not taken into account, when your payment arrives late.

7. I have appealed the property assessment. Do I have to pay the tax before deadline?

Yes, you have to. If the appeal is decided in your favour, the difference will be credited to you later.

8. When is the deadline, and what if pay later?

The bills are sent in late May. The deadline for payments is June 30. If you fail to fully pay your property tax until this date, you will get 7% fine on the unpaid balance. Another 7% will be added on October 1. If you have unpaid balance also in the next year, 1% penalty is added at the beginning of every month.

9. I have not received my tax bill. What should I do?

If you have not received the tax bill by the first week of June, call 311. Even without receiving bill, you are still eligible to pay the property tax, and no penalty for late payment will be waived!

10. I may have serious difficulties to pay the property tax on time. Is there any help?

The best way how to avoid problems, is to join the TIPP program, which allows you to pay your property tax on monthly basis, instead of one large annual payment.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can apply for Property Tax Assistance Program (The City of Calgary). If you fulfill the program conditions, you are eligible for tax rebate.

Senior citizens (over 65 years of age) are eligible for Property Tax Assistance for Seniors Program, which offers rebates of tax increases (based on 2004 tax).

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