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Sit Down With Your REALTOR®

There's a lot to be said for experience – not just the number of years in the business, but what those years look like:  the amount of deals done, and the amount of business that comes from repeats and referrals.  At Calgary Real Estate™, we do a lot of business and much of it comes from referrals and repeat business.  It only makes sense:  if you treat people as you would want to be treated, they will not look for a new real estate professional every time they want to buy or sell a property, just like no one changes doctors every time a medical issue arises.

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Most REALTORS® spend the bulk of their time chasing the next client, whereas we spend most of our time actually working with our current clients.  We already know that our next client is on his way in; he or she might even be referred by you!

When you sit down for a Buyer Consultation with us, please feel free to ask us how we will make buying a Calgary home an easy and fun experience.  We love to talk about the happy clients we've helped, and explain how we helped them achieve their real estate goals.

Discuss Before You Commit

Before you sign anything or decide to work with our firm to find your next home, we will go over the following with you:


  • Questions to help you clarify your needs, wants and desires when it comes to buying a property
  • Refine a plan to search for your new home based on location and the factors you've identified as important
  • Discuss how many homes we will likely see before we find the right one
  • Explain how we will help you get your home for the best possible price
  • Explain how we will help you handle multiple offers, should they arise


  • Discuss your expectations in terms of communicating with our team:  do you prefer phone, text, email?
  • Clarify availability so you always know where and when to reach us
  • Establish the frequency of our communication so you always get regular updates
  • Define the roles of our team members so you know who can best help you at any stage of your transaction
  • Make arrangements for full service coverage in the event of holidays or absences


  • Make forms available to you for preview before signing, including:
    • Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement
    • Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract
  • Review the buying process with you so you know how home buying works in Calgary, and what to expect when working with our team

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