The Calgary Real Estate™ Advantage

Why buy a home with the Calgary Real Estate™ team?

A Passion for Real Estate

You may have seen real estate commercials on TV that tell you to buy your home with a Realtor® who belongs to a huge brokerage.  It sounds persuasive – a big company has lots of resources behind it and has a big percentage of the market share…but does that have anything to do with the real estate agent who actually represents you?  Not really.  An agent working for a big brokerage does not benefit from any special advantages and does not have to pass any special tests; in fact, they may simply be relying on their company's name to get your business, instead of thinking creatively about how to best help you buy your home.

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As Realtors®, we are all independent contractors:  responsible for our own training, our own skill development, and most importantly, our own passion for real estate.

My own personal passion for Calgary real estate, which led me to start this incredible brokerage, began when I was still in college and bought my first home.  I realized then how amazing it felt to own my own place instead of making my landlord richer!  After graduating from college, I joined a 'no frills' brokerage and sold a house my very first week with the company.  My focus was on developing relationships with my clients, and that hasn't changed; I've done more than two dozen deals with that same client since then, because I believe in offering the kind of personal service that ensures my clients don't need or want to choose another real estate professional down the line.

In 2009, I opened up Calgary Real Estate™ – a full service real estate and mortgage brokerage, where I knew I could do better for my clients by bringing some superb colleagues on board.  I now work with an excellent group of people who are as committed to superior client service as I am.  We are ahead of most Calgary Realtors® when it comes to embracing the latest cutting edge technology, which allows us to provide our clients with the most current information and resources the moment they need them.

We welcome you to experience why this new firm is one of a kind in the city of Calgary.

Buying With Calgary Real Estate™

When you choose to buy your next home with us, you will benefit from:

  • An award-winning team of real estate and mortgage professionals working on your side
  • A focus on educating first time buyers, and serving their unique financing needs
  • Access to a list of stellar professionals that make up my extended team – they will help you with every aspect of your home purchase, from legal to renovation to moving
  • Clear, expert guidance them on your investment strategies
  • Honest advice and information, even if it means we don't do business with you
  • Non-aggressive approach (no hard selling, ever!) focused on empowering you to make the best possible decisions for yourself
  • Extensive cooperation with fellow real estate professionals means more networking and opportunities for you
  • Access to the most up to date Calgary real estate market information and statistics – we don't keep market trends a secret from our clients!

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